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    Date: 05-Jun-2019
    Instagram is taking the internet world by a storm! This photo sharing social network has over 1 Billion Active Accounts every Month. This means that there are about over 500 Million Active Accounts every Day! If you are selling anything online, you cannot ignore such a huge number. Therefore, it becomes important to pay the utmost attention to Instagram marketing. There are many ecommerce businesses which are using Instagram strategically to build their brand awareness, bring traffic to their main website and get more leads converting into customers. This not as difficult as it seems. Read further and you can do it too! Read More...
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    Date: 01-Jun-2019
    Before answering this question, open any website in your niche area which you fancy. Now ask yourself what is it about that website which makes you fancy it? Knowing the answer to this question will help you know the must haves and the areas where you need to work in order to make YOUR website greater than the greatest. With this in mind, your website should have the following important attributes- Read More...
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  • Designer Clothing Store by Rahul Mishra
    Date: 15-Jul-2016
    Rahul Mishra is a name that came up from a small village to lime-lite in fashion industry with his tremendous collections of dresses with textiles and craft intervention etching a new language in handmade couture. Read More...
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  • Rajesh Pratap Singh- Fashion Designer from India
    Date: 14-Jul-2016
    Rajesh Pratap Singh one of the famous Indian designer how have ruled over different countries with his unique signature style that subtly draws from his Indian roots to craft artisanal garments which are classic. Read More...
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  • New Ecommerce Launch UMBAR Payal Pratap Creations
    Date: 02-Jul-2016
    We have designed and developed a number of websites in different arena with latest technologies. One of our latest , enchanting and branded website “UMBAR” of famous fashion designer Payal Pratap. Read More...
    Categories: Current News & Trends
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  • Future Scope Of PHP Web Development Company In India
    Date: 08-Jun-2016
    Are you looking for a career in PHP web development? Are you an expert in it, but doubtful about its scope in the near future? Well! We are all aware about the fact that how Web development has grown to be so popular over the years amidst the rising IT sector. Every start up, every company, big or small is looking forward to make use of the highly popular PHP Web Development. Read More...
    Categories: Web Development
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  • Top 10 Reasons To Choose Magento Web Design For Business
    Date: 08-Jun-2016
    Magento is one of the best eCommerce solutions software. It has created a niche for itself globally. Today, the most popular and renowned brands use Magento as the most trusted eCommerce software. It has some remarkable benefits in store for us. Read More...
    Categories: Web Design
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  • Responsive Web Design, Is it really the Future of web development?
    Date: 07-Feb-2014
    Entrepreneurs are now showing interest in designing their websites according to responsive designing technique because it eliminates the need of designing multiple sites for same purpose. Read More...
    Categories: Web Design
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  • How to Design Attractive Web Pages for Artists & Photographers?
    Date: 16-Oct-2013
    Advertising your own artwork and professional photographs online is an ultimate way to gain a competitive edge or to begin a profitable online business from the convenience of your home. In order to target your audience and your possible clients with your superior-quality art work, you will require to design beautiful web pages. When it comes to artists and photographers, there are several essential elements to designing an excellent website. Read More...
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  • Why Hacking Of Content Management Systems Is Easy?
    Date: 16-Aug-2013
    A Website is most of the time vulnerable to outside threats who can steal or misuse the content for criminal purposes of any kind. To prevent your website content there are content management systems which allow a user to maintain the privacy of the any data on the website which can be misused by hackers. Read More...
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  • Tips to Make a Successful NGO Website in India
    Date: 23-Jul-2013
    Prior you start working on a website for a non-governmental organization, you should keep in mind its purpose or theme. Similar to any other organization, an NGO may have several uses for its site, involving to call for monetary funds, to develop a relationship with members, to declare its condition on a debatable issue or to disseminate information. Read More...
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  • How Does a Website Help NGOs to Spread Awareness?
    Date: 22-Jul-2013
    In order to reach your possible funding sources, an NGO needs to make an online presence that defines the mission. The online appearance can also serve as a way to appeal to step forward. A website is an absolute opportunity for non-governmental organizations to further their cause. However unluckily, this possibility has mainly remained not yet used so far. Read More...
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  • Tips For Successful Business Development By Marketing Research & Analyst
    Date: 10-Jul-2013
    A business development is a humongous task which involves multiple activities which have to be carried out by the management and their team with the partnership of a business developer. Read More...
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  • Probing 5 basic factors of M-Commerce (Mobile Commerce) serviceability
    Date: 27-May-2013
    These days, mobile has become an essential gadget to access web. Due to this reason, a number of e-commerce businesses have stepped into the world of M-Commerce or Mobile commerce. According to the web experts, m-commerce has tremendous potential as it has displayed a 75% growth rate and touching near about $25 billion people. Read More...
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  • Relaxation to e-commerce cos for promoting B2C area
    Date: 21-May-2013
    After granting near about 51% foreign direct investment in multi-brand retail, the government is making every effort to ease guidelines for drawing same investments in the B2C e-commerce area. \\\\r\\\\n\\\\r\\\\nThe suggestion put forward for consideration under the division of industrial policy & promotion is to allow up to 49% FDI in e-commerce companies working in the business-to-customer area. Read More...
    Categories: Current News & Trends
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  • Everything you Need to Know About Responsive Web Design
    Date: 20-May-2013
    Nowadays, a majority of website owners asks for a mobile version of their website. It's quite important for a company to have: one design for smart phones and another for the iPhone, the iPad, netbook & Kindle. For any website owner, his or her site should be compatible on all screen resolutions. Read More...
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    Date: 11-Apr-2013
    After mobile revolution communication scenario has changed a lot. It is the best way to get information in a click, you can roam freely shouldering information. 70% of mobile searches lead to action on web sites within 1 hour. Read More...
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  • Important tips to Create your own Web Design
    Date: 13-Mar-2013
    Having an online appearance on Facebook and blogs is essential but they can't help you get more business & sales. That is where, a website makes a difference that grab attention of the potential customers. It gives you a plenty of flexibility to put the exact information about your business organization. Read More...
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  • Contact a reliable web design consultant in Noida
    Date: 30-Jan-2013
    You may find a plenty of simple ways to design your web pages in Noida, India. Or your sources have close connection with the so-called web designers that can design your website in just a few hours. But in truth, there are no such simple ways that have objective reality to create a professional business website. A quality business website will assist you gain profits and strengthen reputation. So, you must take an informed decision as your future success will depend on this judgment. Read More...
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  • Looking affordable windows web hosting services in India?
    Date: 25-Jan-2013
    As per the experts, all the website owners who have been engaged in IT industry are always mixed up with the web hosting services. They are literally not aware of the difference between the Linux or Windows Web Hosting. While hiring a web hosting company, every website owner looks for the advantages and disadvantages of both the hosting forms. Read More...
    Categories: Domain Registration
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  • Things You Should Know About Small Company's Web Design
    Date: 23-Jan-2013
    Once you have determined your small business, the next thing you need to do is to make it online appearance to grab the attention of other users. Your online presence will not only help you have more unknown users to your business organization, but you will also be able to deliver them a platform to communicate with you, and most significantly buy your products/services. The web design of small business is an important factor in this process. Read More...
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  • How to Find and Register Perfect Domain Name for Your Business
    Date: 22-Jan-2013
    A domain is the name of a website, much similar to the name of any person or individual. Also much similar to the physical address of a home, not all web addressed are able to be obtained and one has to make a comprehensive research prior he/she can register a domain name. Suppose there is a domain name that matches your business requirement is available, you have numerous trusted registrars from which to pick out. Read More...
    Categories: Domain Registration
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  • Professional Web Design India - Latest Most Effective Approach 2013
    Date: 21-Jan-2013
    In this cut-throat online competition, it's essential that your company's picture stands forward of the trend with an eye-catching web design that suits your target public. The below mentioned subject matter will help you know the significance of the web design and development: Read More...
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  • Web Design India : Build Your Brand And Identify Over Web
    Date: 19-Jan-2013
    Web designing is a procedure for the purpose of developing and maintenance of websites. There are many professional web designing company in India providing the same kind of services. Read More...
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  • SEO Marketing Trends 2013 with Leading SEO Services Company India
    Date: 14-Jan-2013
    A good SEO service providing company update their strategies with the latest trends of business. A better understanding and updating of strategies will lead to better result. Read More...
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  • How to get traffic on your Site from Facebook?
    Date: 30-Nov-2012
    Facebook is one of the most popular social networking sites to hit a super-huge size. Before the outset of Facebook, there many other social networks have gained popularity at some point of time but none could reach the benchmark of Facebook. In advance of communicating with your friends, Facebook can be used as a tool of marketing for business. To obtain new customers or to get traffic to your website, one can use Facebook to market the products or services. Read More...
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  • Advantages of Pay Per click
    Date: 10-Nov-2012
    Also known as cost per click, Pay per click (PPC) is an internet application in which the advertisers only pay when someone clicks their advertisements Read More...
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    Date: 07-Nov-2012
    Reading content on web is quite different from reading a printed document. Text on web may not be clearly visible due to bright images, flashing banners and advertisements. Read More...
    Categories: SEO Content Writing
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  • Benifits of Social Media Marketing
    Date: 02-Nov-2012
    Marketing through social media sites are gaining popularity day by day. Social media is an interactive platform through which you can connect to many people. Read More...
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  • Electronic Commerce - A platform of online shopping
    Date: 26-Oct-2012
    Electronic commerce also known as e-commerce is a term used for commercial transactions that involves transfer of information across the web. It covers a variety of businesses from retail sites to music sites and much more. E-commerce websites are emerging at a fast paced. At present, there are countless shopping sites from all over the world that are being launched almost every month. Read More...
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  • How to Advertise Your Web Design Company with Article Writing
    Date: 28-Sep-2012
    Marketing your web design company with article writing makes great business sense. Successful and low-budget, this type of marketing can bring traffic to your site speedily.\\\\r\\\\n\\\\r\\\\nFollowing are the instructions that will you to market your web design company with article marketing: Read More...
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  • Mistakes you Should Avoid while doing Social Media Marketing
    Date: 15-Sep-2012
    We have written & read a lot of published articles on social media marketing and how to implement it in your promotion strategy, but we must accept, lately, we are pissed off. There are numerous enterprises, we mean both the large enterprises as well as small, that are considering social media marketing is the way to get rich fast, or it's the speedy path to small advertising budgets that will swift their market position with little or no endeavor. Read More...
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  • 7 Tips For Selling On eBay
    Date: 08-Sep-2012
    How to become a popular eBay service provider? Doing business on eBay is a good opportunity for any small or medium-sized business, but making any type of constant income on the internet is quite tough. For a rising number of businesses, though, the internet is their sole work space. Read More...
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  • Why to choose a professional career in the Web Designing Industry?
    Date: 04-Sep-2012
    What is a Web Designer?:\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\r\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\n\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\r\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\nA Web designer is the person who has special skill and knowledge in determining the appearance of a website. These experts design the layout, the fonts, the colors and all the visual characteristics of the website. Read More...
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  • 6 Stages of the Web Site Design
    Date: 03-Sep-2012
    Steps involved in the Web Designing Process\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\r\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\n\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\r\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\nThere are several phases in the website designing process. From collecting required business details, to the making of your website, and ultimately to maintenance to keep your web site up-to-the-minute and upgraded. Read More...
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  • The Golden rules of Web Design
    Date: 27-Aug-2012
    Implement the Essential Feature of Web Design with Set Golden Rules\\\\\\\\r\\\\\\\\n\\\\\\\\r\\\\\\\\nThe golden rules of design are genuine for Website design and for other design. With the help of these golden rules, you are able to know how to implement design elements in a powerful manner. Read More...
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  • What is the difference between a dynamic and a static web site?
    Date: 07-Aug-2012
    Dynamic websites are database driven sites that are evolved from Static website. Hence, to know about the dynamic websites you have to comprehend normal web pages. Normal web pages or static web pages do not modify every time the page is accessed into the browser, not even when a visitor clicks on a button. The only difference that you will find in normal web pages or static pages is you can very well uncover them loading and unloading, like what occurs when you click on a hyper link. Read More...
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  • Tips to an Excellent Web Page
    Date: 01-Aug-2012
    We are regret to inform you that there are not any magic pills to design an excellent web page that users will come again and again. However, there are techniques you can follow to help. While creating the website, you should keep in mind some key things such as easy to use and user-friendliness. A site should load promptly and offer what the users need right up front. \\\\r\\\\n\\\\r\\\\nThe tricks mentioned in this blog will assist you better your pages and make them something your users are concerned with reading and passing on to others. Read More...
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  • What is Joomla?
    Date: 30-Jul-2012
    As the time passes, you will notice that the technologies are advancing more and more. One of the latest technologies in the web sector is Joomla, which is freely accessible online content management system (CMS). The best part of this system is that it is open source. This system allows you to develop comprehensive online web applications and it's abilities available online makes it more famous as the extensions employed in the system aids in creating websites or applications more personalized. Read More...
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  • New Business Establish? Kick Start Your Business Online...
    Date: 25-Jul-2012
    Maybe you are going to start or you have already set up your own business. Nowadays, several people are selecting to establish their own business and become their own manager. India Internet needs to display you how to compete your counterparts online and become top businesses for your selected keywords and phrases. Read More...
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  • How to Communicate with your Web Developer?
    Date: 24-Jul-2012
    Dealing with a professional web developer can be the most challenging part of the hiring process because you and the developer don't speak the similar language while communicating about the information on a site. This blog post explains you how to get exchange your ideas to the web developer.\\\\\\\\r\\\\\\\\n\\\\\\\\r\\\\\\\\nOnce you decide to hire the expert services to develop your site. Keep in mind to conduct a detailed research on looking for the correct web developer. Read More...
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  • How to create a user friendly ecommerce website?
    Date: 23-Jul-2012
    With the help of this blog, India Internet will explain all the significant aspects of an ecommerce site & its user-friendliness. It has been claimed by different web experts that the User-friendliness is one of the most important attributes of a website. On the same side, however, it is clear that not too many people are being focused on user friendliness. Read More...
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  • Career Profile - Web Developer
    Date: 21-Jul-2012
    A Web Developer is a type of programmer or a Software Engineer specifically engaged in developing applications for the world wide web. The applications run on the WWW mostly utilize a client (web browser) and a server.\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\r\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\n\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\r\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\nFollowing are the programming languages that a professional web developer must know: Read More...
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  • "Secret" Ways to Enhance Your Web Traffic
    Date: 20-Jul-2012
    Obtaining more web traffic is often the most significant goal for website owners or developers. However, it is more difficult to achieve page views as compared to posting your website on search engines and writing your meta tags. Mentioned below are the things you can do to enhance your web traffic. Read More...
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  • Two Major Changes That a Facebook User Should Know
    Date: 19-Jul-2012
    In the few last years, it has been noticed that the social media sites are widely preferred by the businesses for the marketing purposes. Keeping this in mind, many social media sites have changed their function and structure so as to meet these requirements. On these websites, every day there is something exciting, new and happening. Read More...
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  • How to register a web domain name?
    Date: 18-Jul-2012
    Some examples of Web addresses or Domain names are google.com or facebook.com. These web domain names are available for registration from several website services. Most assuredly the domain names stated above are far away from available, however there are endless domain names that can be registered, doesn't matter whether they are already registered or not. Read More...
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  • Great E-commerce Websites
    Date: 17-Jul-2012
    Electronic Commerce is commonly known as E-commerce, which is in itself a wide term for marketing & selling on the internet with the help of a website. Due to the ability to process debit/credit cards electronically on the cyberspace, just about everything can be advertised on the website. Nowadays, it has been noticed that more and more people shift to online shopping because of the benefits of convenience and reasonable prices. Read More...
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  • Pay Per Click (PPC) and how can I get this to work for me?
    Date: 16-Jul-2012
    Website owners often listen to the term PPC, while talking about the Google Adwords. PPC is a kind of sponsored links, paid for clicks to a site. The largest form of online marketing through Google Adwords is the Pay Per Click. PPC is the most effective way of attracting traffic to your site in a very least time span. Several website users use paid search marketing as a means to advertising their service or product to potential clients, and increase brand awareness. Read More...
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  • Why Website Design is Important?
    Date: 14-Jul-2012
    In today's era, the digital revolution websites play a significant role in heightening your business by communicating with new customer from the globe. The websites have become an essential resource in many aspects of our life like employment, education, commerce, government and health care, to name a few. Presently, websites become an interactive platform that is used for obtaining information along with providing information. Read More...
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  • What is a Domain Name and Why Do You Need One?
    Date: 10-Jul-2012
    A domain name in its simplest form is an identification string that expresses an objective of administrative autonomy and control on the cyberspace. Like your home or apartment has its own identifying address for the local post office, so does every working site. The process of domain name was originally started for the benefit of humans. Read More...
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