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Diwali Celebration at IndiaInternet
Date :
India Internet celebrated Diwali With the entire team with a bash at the The Smoke Factory,Garden Galleria Mall,Noida
15peaks website launched
Date :
15peaks website has been launched on 30/11/2018. This project provides tour packages for various activities like Trekking,Climbing etc..under numerous destinations.
Visit : http://15peaks.com
Vayuhost website launched
Date :
Under the brand Alliance Web Solution,Vayuhost, website has been launched on 01/12/2018 which will serve you with services like Domain Registration, Hosting , Email solution and more . We also provide best security services for your projects by integrating secure payment gateways and SSL certificate.
Visit : https://www.vayuhost.com/
Launch event of HURL website
Date :
Our pride of being the web development partners for Hindustan Urvarak & Rasayan Limited (HURL) went overdrive Mr. Alok Jaiswal, Founder & Director Alliance Web Solution Pvt. Ltd with Shri Sanjiv Singh, Chairman of Indian Oil Corporation Limited and Arun K. Gupta, Managing Director, HURL at the launch of the website.
Visit : http://www.hurl.net.in
Launched TraviPro - A travel technology company catering to travel industry
Date :
TraviPro is a travel technology company providing affordable travel solutions, travel website development, CRM Solution, flight, hotel API integration to small and medium travel agencies, tour operators and hotels.
Visit : http://www.travipro.com/
NCB & NAB ranked 2nd & 4th in 3rd National Website competition by DIIT, Bhutan
Date :
We are proud to say that India Internet has design & developed Bhutan Paliament websites National Council of Bhutan (www.nationalcouncil.bt), National Assembly of Bhutan(www.nab.gov.bt) . Department of IT and Telecom, Bhutan  has conducted 3rd National Website competition and www.nationalcouncil.bt was ranked 2nd and  www.nab.gov.bt was ranked 4th out of 122 Website evalued.
Visit : http://dit.gov.bt/third-web-awards
Launched a new website WRO2016INDIA
Date :
WRO or World Robot Olympiad is an event for science,technology and education to bring people all over the world to develop their creativity.Throuh this website, WRO Association is inviting entries for the competition.
Visit : http://www.wro2016india.org/
Came forward with a new website 'One friday'
Date :
An e-commerce website for kids wear. Website is providing ways to explore the new trends in a complete fascinating way. This website has the same concept like other e-commerce websites but still has the ability to attract visitors.
Visit : http://www.onefridayworld.com
A new social networking site for the benefit of girls
Date :
Fuzia has been created with the aim of empowering girls through their creativity.It is a unique website especially crafted for future women leaders to bring out their inner voice in the form of words. Their motive is to provide a globally-local platform for girls where they can freely express their creativity, thoughts and ideas in a safe environment.
Visit : http://www.fuzia.com/
Launched a B2B marketplace for Gems and Jewellery industry
Date :
We have come across with a new website named 'Myheera.com' .This website provides all those people who are engaged  in Gems and Jewellery industry (whatever be the field), a platform to get all their jewellery related purchases at a single place. A well designed and a user friendly website to attract all the related customers towards 'Myheera.com'.
Visit : http://www.myheera.com
Sponsoring "Weekend Ventures Delhi 2013" to support innovative ideas!
Date :
India Internet, a Delhi-NCR based web design and development company, is participating & sponsoring event "The 54hrs start-up launch event" between December 13-15, 2013 organized by Weekend Ventures at Times Center, FC-6, Sector 16A, Noida, India 201301. The programme will bring together "idea owners" with a technological idea or start-up with execution teams and investors. We hope the innovative ideas coming from participants and our expertise in providing web solutions and developing web applications will make this event a success.
We have launch the brand new website THE HOME OF THE TRAVELER.
Date :
We are so pleased to launch the brand new website THE HOME of The TRAVELER for Mr. JJ Valaya and Mr. TJ Singh to showcase their carefully curated luxury that speaks of intrigue, beauty and untold tales. Each THT product will bring a character, a narrative and a piece of history to your home. Our professional team of web designers encompasses all the essential features in this online shopping portal so that visitors use the site with great comfort and ease.
Launches a new look for Fudged catering
Date :
India Internet Proudly Announces that we are launching new website for Fudged, an online Catering Service provider who has a wide customer base in Delhi and NCR. They cater to various events including Birthdays, Weddings, Corporate Events and various Social Gatherings. The quality of their Catering is impeccable among their competitors as they make sure that each and every aspect of the food and decoration is perfectly executed. Besides providing Catering services they have a specialization in preparing superior quality cookies, Fudge items and cakes. To know more about their products you can visit their website at http://www.fudged.in
Visit : http://www.fudged.in/
Launches a new website for Texas Ayurvedic!
Date :
Today we are feeling proud to inform you that we have successfully completed the website design for one of our special client Texas Ayurvedic. The skillfully designed website is designed to support our young generation who want to enhance their beauty and personality with herbal and natural treatments. Texas Ayurvedic is a leading therapy center situated in the US in Texas. The company provides clinically approved wellness therapies, Facial therapies and detoxification therapies with which you can give a glowing look to your dull and spotty skin. Our professionals are constantly working on the site to make it more better and useful for you. We are inviting you to look at the site http://www.texasayurvedic.com/.
Visit : http://www.texasayurvedic.com/
India Internet delightedly Launches an exclusive site for India Hotel, Nainital
Date :
Today, we are glad to announce you that we have professionally completed the new website design for India Hotel, Nainital. The amazingly designed website is created to praise the comfortable & legendary accommodation of the Hotel. India Hotel has become one of the largest hotel chains in Nainital. Located at the prime location, the hotel provides the extraordinary experience of an unparalleled view of the Lake from any side of the hotel. This website is just the beginning of a much larger, integrated effort of our professional designers. We invite you to have a look at the site
Visit : http://www.indiahotelnainital.com
Launches a new website for True Value Estates!
Date :
India Internet, a leading web design company, has put the finishing touches on one of the leading real estate's website, True Value Estates. Whether you are looking for a luxury residential space or you are looking to make a profit investment, True Value Estates is here to help you! This site provides the resources to make informed property decisions. With extensive housing & commercial space listings, the website offers a dynamic search experience to the users. For more details, you can take a look at the site
Visit : http://www.truevalueestates.com/
Proudly announces the new website launch for Doc Booking
Date :
To make quick referrals to experienced doctors, Doc Booking provides a free online secure platform to online users all across the UK. This online platform assists people to take care of their health, make more informed decisions about health and find the very best doctors. With the outset of technology, Doc Booking allows patients to look for their closest suggested specialist doctor, and straightaway book an appointment online.

Being a web design & development company, we feel proud to launch a website like Doc Booking that provides free health services to the society. To know more about the site,
Visit : http://www.docbookings.co.uk/
Launches a new look for Sukhdev's Catering
Date :
India Internet is excited to announce the launch a new look for Sukhdev's Catering, which gives users a quicker, simpler and more interactive experience. Established in the year 1980, Sukhdev's Foods Ltd. is one of the successful & certified caterers in London, United Kingdom. The company's target is to please the clients with a broad range of dishes, with paramount standards and particularly "personalized menus" for all events. For more details,
Visit : http://www.sukhdevsfood.com/
Launch of the website for UN Women
Date :
India Internet is delighted to declare you the launch of the new website for UN Women, which has developed a Regional Centre of Excellence (RCoE) on Gender Responsive Local Governance in South Asia. Luckily, you have access to watch LIVE web coverage for the launch of the website www.womenchangemakers.net from Jaipur. All you need to do is click the below mentioned URL.....

Visit : http://www.womenchangemakers.net/
Release of the special issue of The Book Review on Delhi and website thebookreviewindia.org
Date :
<p>Mrs. Chandra Chari, Mrs. Uma Iyengar, founder Trustee, The Book Review Literary Trust and Mr. Alok, Director, India Internet with Shrimati Sheila Dikshit Honble Chief Minister of Delhi, Government of India, at the Delhi Secretariat, I.P. Estate on release of the special issue of &amp;quot;The Book Review on Delhi&amp;quot; and website thebookreviewindia.org</p>
Visit : http://www.thebookreviewindia.org/
Lens on news - An Indian news portal designed by India Internet
Date :
India Internet has designed the website for the upcoming new media venture Lens On News. As the name depicts, it is an online news provider where India Internet proves its web presence with its high-proven quality of website design and programming, thus giving the website a gateway to its users in the news world.
Visit : http://www.lensonnews.com/
India internet re-launches Import Export Show with a new-look
Date :
India Internet recently re-launched the website importexportshow.com.au with a fresh look which simply justify our tremendous work.The website has been re-designed with a new concept and layout depicting a simple clear website presence in its own domain. The aim of the website is to comply with the importers and exporters for their international business engagement & development.
Visit : http://www.importexportshow.com.au/
Direct Magazine Service website launched by India Internet
Date :
India Internet supports the world of magazines by designing the website for the Direct Magazine Service. The complete e-commerce tool which has been conceptulised and created by our team.The company opts for our services for exploring new marketing opportunities which will help strengthen its internet presence.
Visit : http://www.directmagazineservice.com/
Chinar website set in motion by India Internet
Date :
The website of CHINAR INC. was launched by India Internet. With this website the company aims to promote its vibrant range of handicraft products. India Internet has created webpages to streamline the business operations through user-friendly interface in order to enhance the company's online presence.
Visit : http://www.chinarinc.com/
APD Promotions website redesigned!
Date :
APD Promotions specialises in customized promotions. It's fastest growing Australian company having clients across the globe
Visit : http://www.apdpromotions.com.au/
Pentagram Consulting
Date :
Pentagram consulting is one of India�s upcoming HR Consulting company with a mission that is simple yet powerful - Creating winning teams.
Visit : http://www.pentagramconsulting.com/
India Internet gives new look to the Website of Dr. Reckeweg & Co. (India)

Dr. Reckeweg is premier Homoeopathy web portal. Around the turn of the last century, the medical practitioner Dr. Heinrich Reckeweg (1877-1944) established the "Eupha Laboratory" in pursuit of his vision of a natural medicine. His aim was the responsible production of effective, well-tolerated drugs. Today, the pharmaceutical company Dr. Reckeweg & Co. GmbH, Bensheim, Germany, is continuing this tradition. The website has been given a fresh new look. Database and application has been successfully migrated from ASP.net to PHP.
Visit : http://www.reckeweg-india.com/
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