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What is a Domain Name and Why Do You Need One?

Date: 10-Jul-2012

A domain name in its simplest form is an identification string that expresses an objective of administrative autonomy and control on the cyberspace. Like your home or apartment has its own identifying address for the local post office, so does every working site.

The process of domain name was originally started for the benefit of humans. The exact address used by systems is numerical in format and is named as an IP or Internet Protocol address. As the best web hosting company in India we provide best domain name registration for business growth. The internet protocol address includes four series of numbers detached by periods. For existence, an IP address is and as you can watch this would not be easy to remember. So to make balance, the process of domain "name" was started. It's much simpler to recall a site named "abcd.com" as compared to recall a number such as the one above, right?

Just keep in mind, there is no @ symbol in the IP address. The @ symbol is used to distinguish between the email addresses and domain name. Therefore, you would not be able to find a site with an @ symbol address. Rather you would compose an email to that address. You can normally put out the last part of an email address and find it because everything after the @ symbol is normally the site at which this IP address exists.

Why you require a Domain Name?

There are numerous reasons of having a Domain name but that can vary with circumstances. As a best web hosting company in India we have created qulaity domain names for business. Individuals need a Domain name for vanity and notoriety reasons. Or may be, they have a family or genealogy site and taking a domain name for that website assists it to be found easier. For example, if your name is Sheema Thomas, you could try to get the domain name of “sheemathomas.com” so that anyone searching for you online would easily find you. In case, you have a family site then a domain name such as "sheemasfamily.com" would be the best.

In the corporate world, domain names are becoming as ordinary as fax and telephone numbers. If your promotions and business cards don't exhibit a domain name, you are having the risk of being completely passed over by clients that favor to browse services and merchandise online.

An effective domain name is very much important for an organization. If the domain name does not suit your business name or tittle then it must be closely related to your services. As a part of our best web hosting services in Delhi we ensure that the domain name which you register should be easy to remember so that clients do not have to concentrate hard to search your website online. Having a certified domain name with a live site is sometimes the first attention for a business today, because it is a very cut-rate way to get your firm name and details in front of the target audience.

Other major reasons for an enterprise to get one or more domain names is to avoid copyrights and trademarks, assured unique product lines and enhance their promotions with the public.

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