Tips For Successful Business Development By Marketing Research & Analyst

Date: 10-Jul-2013
Posted By: Dheeraj

A business development is a humongous task which involves multiple activities which have to be carried out by the management and their team with the partnership of a business developer.

Tips For Successful Business Development By Marketing Research & Analyst

Developing a businesses is a hell of a task. The CEOs look after hiring the right individual or company to promote their businesses and with minimal amount of leverage. It an exhausting task to procure a good and all rounder business developer who can handle all the marketing aspects of the company and help it elevate itself for better output and customer relationships.

There are some important factors or tips which the company's management should consider to avoid all the typical frustrations with business development:

  1. HIRE LEGITIMATE BUSINESS DEVELOPERS – A company with recognition from the industry would certainly be credible and can be trusted upon. A company which has allies in the industry which are ready to invest and engage in business is surely going to bring positive changes to your companies growth. Though a business developer carries an array of allies with him who can do deals instantly, this may fail if it is carried out at the time when the company is not at all exposed in the market. To first establish the business in the market there is a three stage commercialization process:
  • Scouting: this is the earliest stage of a company at which the company figures out the potential customers and the routes through which it can enter the market and the points of leverage.
  • Testing: At this stage demo deals are done to analyze the data collected from the market and measuring the success rate according to which the company would decide the direction of its scaling.
  • Scaling: the data from the demo deals is collected and the path of scaling is validated and deals are then replicated.
  1. KEEPING THE SALES AND BUSINESS DEVELOPMENT DIFFERENTIATED – While the sales focus only on generating and increasing the revenue, Business Development focuses on a lot many aspects of the business like creating an identity in the market, increasing the customers, maintaining the customers, enabling leverage to drive in more revenue, enhancement in product sales and the improving the quality of the product through suggestions in the feedback from the clients or investors or customers.
  2. MANAGING THE ACTIVITIES AFTER THE DEAL IS CLOSED – Accountability and Active management of all the financial affairs and business development procedures should be carried out with utmost importance so as to maintain the checks and balances among the organization.
  3. DECIDING BETWEEN QUALITATIVE AND QUANTITATIVE ASPECTS OF CONDUCTING BUSINESS AFFAIRS – the company establishing a business should make up their mind about their nature in the market as a qualitative or quantitative. Some of the companies who set up their business on the basis of a qualitative approach tend to face failures as there products or services would be appreciated but not purchased or hired as they would be a bit expensive because of the quality you are providing. But a quantitative approach ensures better revenue generation as the services under this value are lower in price. The market would after all invest in those services which are cheaper and convenient. It is up to the company to decide over the quality or quantity aspect.
  4. GETTING CONSENSUAL SUPPORT FROM EVERYONE FOR BUSINESS DEVELOPMENT – it is important for the management and the business developer to engage each and every member from the company to mutual consent for the developing of the companies business. This would avoid the situation where everyone start to finger point the others for any misunderstandings.
  5. CREATING A STRUCTURE TO ENSURE BETTER OPPORTUNITIES – The team working for the development of your business should be educated about the reasons behind the decisions which the management has taken. Making the team understand that why the deal is importance and relevant for the company's success would ensure better and in-depth working from the team.
  6. MAKING THE RIGHT KIND OF DEALS – It is evident that a company can only be successful if the deal it has signed is lucrative for the target and the team which is working on scaling it in the market. A deal maker should have the sharp business wits to identify what's the deal is about? whether is there a lucrative leverage opportunity? Is there any future expansion prospects after signing this deal? These are some of the many queries which a good deal maker should be able to answer to himself to get the company a successful deal which would help it in the long run.

Accomplishing all the above tips would definitely ensure you and your company great success in the market. The joint partnership of a business developer and the company management ensuring the checks and balances is the key to the smooth and successful functioning of a company in the competitive market.

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