List of Top 15 Free Unconventional Tools That Will Help You Find Your SEO Keywords

Date: 17-Oct-2019

SEO can be a tricky thing. There are a lot of elements in SEO that the marketer has to take care of to achieve better rankings of the website on the Search Engine Results Pages (SERP).

List of Top 15 Free Unconventional Tools That Will Help You Find Your SEO Keywords

One of the primary steps in SEO is keywords analysis. This is because, it is the keywords that a user enters in the search engines to get the relevant search results, and as a business, you do want to be in the peripheral view of the user.

As fun and thought-provoking keyword research can be, it can rather be a little intimidating for the SEO beginners. As a newbie, it can be confusing to know where to begin! Today, it is important to inclucate SEO in your business activities, and for this you should know at least the basics of SEO.

Yes, you must have heard about the famous Google’s Keyword Planner and referred to it for your keyword targeting, but there are other tools as well that can help you conduct an even better keyword analysis. Getting your keywords right does not just happen overnight, you need to be consistent and always keep tabs on what your target audience generally searches for and how they search it before you can map out your keywords.  


How do people come across new pieces of information, where do they go to stay updated with the recent trends and happenings in their interest topics? This article will provide you with a summarised list of top 20 SEO tools that will help you answer questions like:

When should I write an article?

Will this article perform well?

Who would read this article?

Once you understand user's search intent, you can move on to keyword research.

Let’s get start started-

1. Buzzsumo

It is one of the most reliable tools because of its “content discovery” solution. With this tool, you can search for the topics that are trending. This tool gives you an option to filter the content based on topics and on an hourly basis.

Guess what is the best part? Buzzsumo offers you a free version, although you can upgrade to a premium version for $99 a month.

2. SEMRush

Just like Buzzsumo, SEMRush is also one of the favourites of every SEO strategist because this tool also gives you suggestions regarding what people are searching for around a particular topic. With this tool, you can come up with a list of phrase match keywords, long-tail keywords, related ad organic keywords.

This tool also gives you a free version, and its paid version also starts at $99 per month.

3. Answer The Public

This tool is relatively new to the keyword research scenario. This tool searches Google and Bing to have a huge database that helps in predicting the searcher’s query. With being a keyword research tool, it also provides a beautiful analysis of data. This tool is free, and it also gives you an option to export data to a CVS or Excel files!

4. Bloomberry

This tool was created by the team at Buzzsumo. Similar to the interface of Answer The Public, Bloomberry goes one step further to display real questions and topics that people are already talking about on various public forums and blogs.

It is a free tool that can come in handy when you create content for Featured Snippets.

5. Google Trends

Google Trends is another popular tool that displays the top stories or charts in your particular area. You can also search and compare keywords to find out the most significant keywords that you should target.

Google Trends also gives you an option to find country specific data and related queries that will guide your keyword strategy.

6. Facebook

Not your conventional keyword research tool, but being the most successful social media platform, Facebook can help you discover relevant topics and trending content. There are millions of people who depend on Facebook for knowing the latest happenings around the world. Facebook has a section of “Trending Topics” that can give you a list of what is popular on Facebook right now.

7. Twitter

Just like Facebook, Twitter is also one of the widely loved social networking platforms where the users do micro-blogging around their interesting topics and fields of interest. Just like Facebook Trends, Twitter Trends uses an algorithm to come up with a list of “what’s trending” based on your geographical location and who you follow. Another feature of Twitter is Twitter Moments that you can refer to finding out the trending topics across the globe.

8. YouTube

The most loved video sharing social platform on the internet – YouTube can give you a deep insight into what is trending and what kind of content you should create to garner more views and attention towards your brand. It provides a trending video section so that you could see what is popular.

9. Pinterest

It is another image-centric social platform that is topping the charts for many marketers, thanks to its Explore option launched in November 2016. You can find out what is popular on interest to come up with new and innovative content ideas.

10.  Medium

It is one of the popular social news sites. It is famous among the bloggers belonging to different niche communities. You can search for your relevant topic on Medium and find out a bunch of already published content from which you can get ideas for creating your own innovative content.

11.  Google Autocomplete

Not a conventional keyword research tool, but Google autocomplete can give you a significant idea about what people search for. With simple writing your keyword in the search box on Google, you can find the best variant of your main keyword phrase.

12.  Google People Also Ask

The People Also Ask section on the Google Results page is also an awesome way to begin your keyword research. After typing your target keyword in the Google search box, scroll down to see the variations of your keyword term.

13. Google Searches Related To

On the SERPs, Google also has a section at the bottom termed as “Google Searches Related To”. By scrolling towards the end of the SERPs, you will find up to 8 suggestions that can be used as keyword variations in your content and keyword research.

14. Google News

This is undoubtedly the best platform to stay updated regarding what is happening across the globe. This is because Google News pulls in headlines from all the news sites and displays the content according to your personal interests in an easy-to-use interface.

15.  Google Alerts

Don’t get time to especially open up the news sites to know about the recent happenings in your sector? Worry not! Google has got you covered. Just like Buzzsumo, you can set Google Alerts around your topic of interest that will come straight to your inbox. You can set unlimited Google Alerts and also the time it to once a day, week, month etc.


As a beginner, you might want to depend on Google and social media platforms because they are enough to give you an idea about the type of content you should target, what topics you should create your content for, and also, for finding out the variations of your primary keywords. Also, because Keyword Analysis can get a little intimidating for the beginners, it is suggested to hire a professional SEO Company that provides a relevant keyword research analysis as a part of their best SEO services in Delhi.

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