How to Find and Register Perfect Domain Name for Your Business

Date: 22-Jan-2013
Posted By: Surya

A domain is the name of a website, much similar to the name of any person or individual. Also much similar to the physical address of a home, not all web addressed are able to be obtained and one has to make a comprehensive research prior he/she can register a domain name. Suppose there is a domain name that matches your business requirement is available, you have numerous trusted registrars from which to pick out.

How to Find and Register Perfect Domain Name for Your Business

Every operating service provider in the domain registration industry is different in terms of quality service, cost and customer care support. So, it is advised to pick out a service provider who doesn't have unnecessary hidden fees and charges.

Mentioned below are some of the instructions that will help you find and register domain name that match your business:

1. Visit the official Whois website: Write your chosen domain, you need to register in the space available in the domain lookup. Pick out the extension you need to employ as well. The most common extensions that are widely preferred by the website owners are .com, .net and .info. These extensions are normally the first option to be registered. Apart from using Whois website, one can merely go instantly to a service provider who will be able to inform you if a domain name is available or not.

2. Make a comprehensive research on the domain registrars: There are several reputed companies such as India Internet that often provide discounted domain prices or the complete package for domains with hosting services. Search for the domain name service providers and pick one that provides all facilities you may also want. Bear in mind that the renowned domain service providers incline to have reliable, more strong servers, minimizing downtime because of system overburden.

3. Write your chosen domain name you need to register for your business: After writing the domain name along with the extension, submit it. Every registrar who is engaged in providing domain registration services is linked to the ICANN database, which includes all the presently held domain registrations. The domain service provider will also recommend you whether your domain name has already been taken. There are several domain registration companies that are engaged in providing these services at a nominal fee.

4. Once you have decided the web address, the next thing is to do registration of the domain name that is accessible. Try to hire a service provider that provides full fledged services such as domain registration, web hosting, SEO services and others. The service provider will want your basic details like name, physical address and contact number. The duration of domain registration generally provides for one, two or five years and with automatic refilling. All of these choices can be picked out before to registering your domain.

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