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3 Steps to Successful Pay per Click Campaigns

Date: 05-Jun-2012

The quality of pay-per-click promotion is the potential to acquire “traffic on demand” - driving new business to your enterprise. It's a simple and quick to make a PPC (pay per click) campaign but making the traffic to desired sales needs a successful strategy and includes more than just bidding.

There are three basic steps to a successful PPC campaign: Ad creation, bid management and landing page design. Every step has its own unique function and to make your campaigns truly winning, all three must work in sync. The ad will draw attention of visitors, the landing page creates the sale and effective bid management is required to stay gainful. In case, your PPC campaigns are not generating the results you desired; examine each of these steps to determine weak spots.

Step 1: Ad Creation - Bait the Hook

PPC management: The content of your PPC ad should be precise and crispy so that it attracts clicks... the keywords and the ad you choose are responsible for producing quality traffic. Although, you have a little space, the same regulations of ad copywriting utilize to your PPC ad: 

  • Be specific and compelling

  • State user benefits - not features

  • Include a "call to action"

In addition to this, ads with a broader connection to a person's search have higher click-thru rates so use the keyword in your ad. An effective approach is to make multiple ads for every group of related keywords you are expecting to aim.

The outcomes of your campaign display the number of click done and the money spent on your campaign. Almost all the leading search engines have the option to display the click thru rate (CTR). The CTR is measured by segregating the number of clicks by the number of times your ad is showed(impressions). The rate of percentage you will get is an effective measure of how well your ad is doing in terms of being persuasive.

Don't get afraid to experiment. In several cases, your ad will be a progress just because of your experiment. Reading the results, tweaking and testing will aid you to search a successful blend that produces more clicks.

Step 2: Landing Page Design - Reel em In!

Pay Per Click Management - A well created landing page is the important part of your PPC campaign. The average PPC ad includes a title and two lines of copy. That may be adequate space to write a "bite" but the landing page is solely accountable for promoting the sale.

While devising your landing page, be precise and relate the message from your PPC ad. Whatever is expected in the PPC ad should be striking on the landing page. In many cases, you can relate your PPC ad to a page in your website - but, avoid to link it on the home page. The home page should be relevant to the user's search.

Step 3: PPC Bid Management - Accounting for Success

PPC bid management: Your promotion activity has a target- whether it is collecting leads, making online sales or enhancing newsletter signups. Every of these activities is considered a "conversion" and for each conversion, there is a value. If you fix the value, you can easily handle the keyword bidding process.

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Date: 07-Jun-2012
Appreciate your endeavors! I am for the first time here. I found your blog quite interesting as well as useful. It has cleared all my doubts related to this subject. I will definitely share this blog and help others like you helped me. Thanks a lot!
Manish Nagpal
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