Why Hacking Of Content Management Systems Is Easy?

Date: 16-Aug-2013
Posted By: Umesh Gupta

A Website is most of the time vulnerable to outside threats who can steal or misuse the content for criminal purposes of any kind. To prevent your website content there are content management systems which allow a user to maintain the privacy of the any data on the website which can be misused by hackers.

Why Hacking Of Content Management Systems Is Easy?

These systems do not require any technical knowledge of the Html language, therefore they can be used by anyone to upgrade and secure their website by themselves without the use of any technical skills. Making changes to a website is not easy with the use of Html language as one has to remember so many codes and combinations. The CMS comes preprogrammed to make the task easier for a person to make suitable changes to his website.

It is essential for business promoters to have the knowledge of the CMS so as to keep up with the strategy of upgradation of the business online. Companies without the CMS would have to either go through the frustrating process of making changes to the website with the Html coding or refer to a CMS services which are available on the internet.

These systems store the content of various websites which have taken their services. These CMS service providing companies have the technological resources to keep your data protected from getting hacked.

Though these systems are used widely all over the cyberspace, there is no surety that they would prevent your data from getting stolen. This is because of the unskillful management of the patches which are there to make time to time improvements in the system to adequately protect the content from the hackers.

A report by TechNewsWorld says that millions of the users online who publish their content with the use of Content Management Systems like Joomla and WordPress are exposed to a huge threat from content hackers. This is because the companies which take services from such websites are not given any clue about the security procedures.

Both Joomla and WordPress and also some other popular CMS are the main target of content hackers because of the security flaws can be traced by them with ease and therefore, the data is stolen, without much effort. The poor management of the the security patches is the main reason for the tracing of the potential ways to enter a website illegally.

Hence it is important for these sites to keep their patches up to date sot that the hackers are not able to put a jack in the security wall and steal your content you have put on the website. Most importantly, keep the passwords and the user Ids unique so that they can never be easily traced.

Less use of automated patching system would make the website data more secure and impenetrable by the hackers. Using the manual patch management policy would ensure successful security audits and keeps the tactical and integrated process of securing the content intact.

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