What is the difference between a dynamic and a static web site?

Date: 07-Aug-2012
Posted By: Surya

Dynamic websites are database driven sites that are evolved from Static website. Hence, to know about the dynamic websites you have to comprehend normal web pages. Normal web pages or static web pages do not modify every time the page is accessed into the browser, not even when a visitor clicks on a button. The only difference that you will find in normal web pages or static pages is you can very well uncover them loading and unloading, like what occurs when you click on a hyper link.

What is the difference between a dynamic and a static web site?

Shortly, normal web pages always appear the same and the subject matter never changes unless you update a new page or you modify the page yourself and download the creative version of the pages unto the server. But, if we talk about the dynamic pages, these pages will change in an automatic way.

These web pages can change each time they are uploaded and they can update their subject matter based on what visitor does, such as clicking on particular text or a picture. Database driven is one of the most effective kind of dynamic web pages. This refers that you have a dynamic page that attracts content from a database and inserts that content into the web page every time it is uploading. If the content saved in the database modifies, the web page linked to the database will also modify consequently and automatically without human participation.

This is normally seen on cyberspace banking websites where you can sign in (by inserting your user name and password) and go over your bank account statement. Your bank account details are saved in a database and have been linked to the web page with programing thus allowing you to check out your banking details. Hopelessly, it is comprehended by you that when you would like to begin a database driven website; You would like to have it when your details change very frequently, just like in a banking website. Database driven sites or dynamic websites can be developed with the help of various competing technologies, each with its own benefits. Some of those advanced web tools encompass JSP, PHP, PERL, ASP, .NET, Cold Fusion and many more.

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