What is the Cost to Design a Modern Medical Website

Date: 25-Jan-2022
Posted By: Meenakshi

Having a powerful presence on the internet is mission-critical for new-age medical practices. During times like these, folks can’t go to clinics, hospitals, or other healthcare establishments as easily and quickly as they used to earlier. That’s why patients resort to apps and websites to gain access to various medical services and book appointments without visiting medical facilities in person.

What is the Cost to Design a Modern Medical Website

Web platforms also allow medical personnel to cater to the requirements of patients, offer assistance, and keep the medical practice running at the same time. The cost of developing a medical website is an important point of consideration. This topic will try to elucidate how to calculate the expenses.

1. Your goals: When it comes to determining the cost of developing a website for your medical practice, you should start by defining your goals and objectives. They’ll affect the overall cost of the project, and they’ll also work as a compass to guide you throughout the entire process. Your goals and objectives will ensure you take the right track and stay on it.

They’ll even work as a calibration tool that lets you monitor how the project is progressing, apart from allowing you to gauge your success rate. Depending on what you hope to accomplish, you can choose to build a simple website just to showcase your online presence or something more sophisticated that’ll provide your users with more functionalities and features. As you can probably guess, the second option is costlier, but will also generate more profit.

2. Website content: Now you need to decide on the content of the website. Do you have someone to help you curate content for your web platform? What kind of content do you want to include? You can resort to purely textual information, or you can combine different kinds of media with it, such as videos, images, and infographics. A website won’t be of any use to anyone without content.

Content creation isn’t anything less than an art form, but it’s also an exceptionally powerful tool that lets your web platform connect with your target audience, attract visitors, drive users to take a specific action, and build your brand. The only problem with developing content for medical websites is that the task is somewhat time-consuming and challenging. You’ll require a dedicated team of content creators with in-depth knowledge and understanding of your niche.

3. Time-related elements: How long does it take to complete the process of website designing in India? It depends entirely on the complicatedness of your website. If you’re going to add a lot of features and functionalities, even the best developers will need a fair bit of time to finish the job. It goes without saying that a project will become costlier if the developers need more time.

Several factors dictate the amount of time needed to complete the process, such as the experience, skills, and expertise of the developers, the complexity of the website, the project scope, and the website builder of your choice. In other words, building a professional medical website will take much longer than creating something simple.

4. The pages: The homepage is, of course, the face of your website. Usually, it’s the first thing that a visitor encounters when searching for the medical services you offer. Therefore, if you hope to pique the interest of your visitors and get their attention, you have to pay particular attention to the design standards of the homepage. Just make sure that you don’t stop at the homepage only.

Every other page of your website needs as much work as the homepage. You shouldn’t forget about the internal landing pages, either. After all, these pages are often the ones where visitors spend most of their time. The number of pages you add to your medical website, other than the content, information, and format, will determine the amount of money you have to spend.

5. Functionality and integrations: Again, the more functionalities and integrations you include in your medical website, the costlier it’ll become. Your expenses will increase if you integrate additional technical components and enhanced functionalities, such as a message board, forum, registration system, web form, photo gallery, calendar, etc. Then again, these integrations are mandatory if you want your website to be an all-inclusive platform.

You can resort to the free-to-use plugins offered by WordPress, but you have to spend time configuring and customizing them to ensure they match the unique needs and preferences of your patients. It’s clearly understandable that the process is going to take time, which, in turn, will inevitably contribute to your expenses.

To conclude

In India, the cost to design a modern medical website isn’t as high as it is in other parts of the world. You should be able to find website developers offering their services for $15 to $25 per hour in the subcontinent. Of course, this value can differ from one web development agency to another depending on the skills and expertise of the developers. In terms of the overall cost of development, it primarily depends on the complexity of the design you need or want.

There’s also the matter of the amount of time needed to finish the project. So, basically, it boils down to whether you’re willing to invest as much time, money, and resources needed to build a professional-looking website for your medical establishment and not the cost of creating such a platform.

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