What Can You do With Python?

Date: 10-Mar-2021
Posted By: Surendra

If you are thinking of learning python or if you have already started learning recently, you might be thinking what can I use Python for, that would get me a job in a Python Development company in India.

What Can You do With Python?

If you are thinking of learning python or if you have already started learning recently, you might be thinking what can I use Python for, that would get me a job in a Python Development company in India.
In this article, we are going to take a look at 3 main applications of python that are extensively used in the technological world.
So, let's dive into the world of Python applications. Although there are so many applications of Python primarily there are 3 main applications which are as follows

  • Web development
  • Machine learning includes
  • Data analysis and Data Visualization
  • Scripting

The other applications of Python include Game development, desktop applications, and embedded applications.
Let's see how it is used in web development. It's used in Web Frameworks like Django and Flask. A Web Framework allows you to write server-side code which you can use to connect to all the other backend applications in the server as opposed to Front End code that is usually visible on the user side.
Why do we need a Web Framework?
There are actually various things that become possible when you use a Web Framework like it helps to build a common logic system in the backend system, it also helps to map different URLs to different python codes, it helps to generate and manage databases and to create the HTML files that users see on their end.
Which framework should you learn?
The most common frameworks that are used are Django and Flask which you can use in your Python Development Services.
Flask is much easier to learn than Django because it has fewer components and is simple and more flexible.
On the other hand, Django has more components and has a special way to deal with databases.
If you want to build a more straightforward application like a News site or a blog, use Django and if you want more control over your code then stick with Flask.
Machine Learning
We have entered into an age where machines are learning by themselves and to a large extent, python plays a big role in it. For eg. With Python, you can write a program that can check what's in a picture and recognize the objects and categorize them accordingly.
Some of the applications of Machine learning are in Recommendation systems like Youtube, Amazon, and Netflix, and then there is face recognition and voice recognition too that employs Machine learning technologies.
Machine learning(ML) is a vast topic and Python is also used in Data Analysis and Visualization that helps in many business solutions like analyzing the likings and trends of a particular age group or gender or analyzing and predicting weather conditions.
The most popular ML algorithms that you may have heard of are

  • Neural Networks
  • Deep Learning
  • Support Vector Machines
  • Random Forests

Python can be used to script programs that can make jobs simpler for eg. counting the number of emails received that contain specific keywords or scripting a program that helps to collect good and bad reviews of a product and categorize accordingly which may help a buyer to do a purchase.
Python is the first choice because it is easier to learn as well as simpler to write and writing and testing the code is much easier compared to other languages.
So these are some of the applications that you can do with Python. And if you are on your journey to becoming a Python developer, these applications will be the ones that you would be working on.

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