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Website Templates

Date: 26-May-2012

Website templates or web page designs are created under the supervision of expert web designers that are sold to others for their application. These templates include a dummy content used as a placeholder so you can see how a complete page will resemble. For all beginners, template is an easy way to design an attractive & professional quality websites easily and quickly.

Most of the commercial templates are available in a mixture of color schemes and themes. Theme templates are offered with suitable graphic as per the domain. If you have some web design or graphic skills and a detailed knowledge of HTML, you can design a personalized eye-catching looking website at a fraction of the time. Just keep in mind you don’t have the copyright to the design.

Before choosing a template, you will keep in mind the targets you have for your site so you can select the most proper template.

Advantages of Using Website Templates

There are several advantages to using templates such as:

  • Templates provide the basic webpage layout

  • Templates can provide a consistent look and feel for the site

  • Most come with professional quality graphics

  • Most allow you to customize the graphics if desired

  • It is usually easy to add your content using almost any HTML editor

Disadvantages of Using Website Templates

  • It can be difficult to make any web design changes unless you are skilled in both HTML and can use a graphics program like Photoshop

  • Although features like a login box may be part of the template design, the programs needed to make them work are not included

  • Any interactive features have to be integrated into the template

  • You do not own the copyright to the design unless you actually purchase it from the designer

Features of a Quality Website Template

The following items are things to look for in a well-designed web template. A template should:

  • Be easily editable

  • Be compatible with most HTML editors

  • Upload easily

  • Come with complete HTML files

  • Have header graphics provided in PSD format for easy editing

  • Have their both the FLA and SWF files if the template uses flash

  • Download quickly after the content is added

  • Retain the original design no matter how much content is added

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