The Golden rules of Web Design

Date: 27-Aug-2012
Posted By: Dheeraj

Implement the Essential Feature of Web Design with Set Golden Rules The golden rules of design are genuine for Website design and for other design. With the help of these golden rules, you are able to know how to implement design elements in a powerful manner.

The Golden rules of Web Design


Balance is the arrangement of light and heavy elements on the page. It has been noticed that the darker & larger elements look heavier in the design as compared to the lighter & smaller elements. The golden rule of balance displays you how to set out your pages so that they work.


According to the web experts, most people think that the contrast is a pair of colors, i.e black and white. However, there is a lot to contrast than blank or white. One can have contrasting shapes such as square or circle or contrasting textures such as smooth vs. rough or contrasting sizes such as large or small.


Attention is what the eye is focused to in a design. It's attractive to provide everything equal attention or try to put attention on everything in a design, but this finishes up making the design flat and flavorless. Rather, being a designer, you should put emphasis on the hierarchy of the page and then implement the attention to the attributes based on that hierarchy.


Rhythm is also known as repetition. Rhythm brings an internal uniformity to your designs. Designs & shapes are easy for humans to understand, and repetition offers patterns that create your website easier to understand.


Unity is also known as proximity. It is the rule of keeping the same elements collectively and different elements further apart. Proximity pulls elements collectively.

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