Responsive Web Design, Is it really the Future of web development?

Date: 07-Feb-2014
Posted By: Surendra

Entrepreneurs are now showing interest in designing their websites according to responsive designing technique because it eliminates the need of designing multiple sites for same purpose.

Responsive Web Design, Is it really the Future of web development?

Responsive web design is a latest technique of creating and designing websites. This is the way of designing a website that is capable to change its size and layout according to the user's screen size and resolution. The need of this technique increases because of excessive use of smart phones and tablets and the size of these devices are always different from traditional computers and desktops. In the past, many entrepreneurs have to maintain separate websites for different devices. This is very expensive and time-consuming process.

Thereby, they always looked for a technique by which they can save their time and money. But today, there is no need of designing multiple websites for same purpose even in the presence of many more varieties of devices, browsers, and screens. The solution lies in having a website that has flexible layout and strength to respond according to user’s requests and that is - responsive site design mythology. For web developer it is very essential to have up-to-date knowledge about how to design a website according to responsive designing technique as no one wants to waste their money and time on designing and creating multiple websites.

According to the report of Google's data, more than five percent of all searches come from tablets, and approximately fourteen percent comes from mobile devices like smart phone and remaining from laptop or desktop. This figure is more than enough to put a light on fact that there is no scope of web developer with having knowledge of responsive web design. Moreover, responsive web designing have many more advantages over traditional designing style.

Some of them are: Easy to navigate: Irrespective of type of device users are using, they always want to visit sites that are easy to navigate and access.  If they find it difficult to access or use, they simply move on to the other sites.  Businesses can ensure considerable benefits by using responsive technique for their websites. Same URL:  As there is only a single website, there is only one URL. This removes the need to maintain multiple sites. And businessmen can spend more money on the site.

Good for SEO: 

Doing SEO to promote the site is vital, especially for e-commerce sites. Responsive web designs assist entrepreneurs to do better SEO on a site which is optimized for multiple platforms. Improved revenue generation:  Responsive websites assist in gaining more and more web traffic because it has accessibility in far-off locations. Users can easily visit the website on their small screen mobile phones.

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