"Secret" Ways to Enhance Your Web Traffic

Date: 20-Jul-2012
Posted By: Umesh Gupta

Obtaining more web traffic is often the most significant goal for website owners or developers. However, it is more difficult to achieve page views as compared to posting your website on search engines and writing your meta tags.

"Secret" Ways to Enhance Your Web Traffic

Mentioned below are the things you can do to enhance your web traffic.

1) Content
Keep and create only crispy content on your site. If you have a business website and you want to sell your products & services, then it is advised to provide some articles and information about them. In case, you are providing subject matters, be certain that you have more than just lists of URLs for your clients to access. It has been noticed that the sites having superior quality content will attract more customers as compared to other sites.

2) Compose and transmit a newsletter on a regular basis
With the help of Newsletters, web owners remind their clients that their websites still exist. Everyone who has subscribed you doesn't come every time you send a newsletter, yet you keep informing them about your site. Additionally, email is a good form of direct marketing as it's easy for your readers to send it on to their friends, hence enhancing your potential client base.

3) Post to related newsgroups
There are many groups such as Google Groups & Facebook Groups, which have many subjects - there is certain to be one related to your site. Get indulged with these groups and your website will obtain more traffic. Make certain to encompass your links in your signature.

4) Conduct a contest
Contests grab the attention of the people. Moreover, if you have an attracted bumper prize, you'll get visitors who are trying to win. Make certain to encompass an official rules page, and you'll need to determine if there are any rules in your state our country about the contests. For instance, in Canada, to find out the winner, there must be a skill testing question.

5) Ask a guest speaker to your website
If you know someone who is an expert in your domain, ask him/her to come and chat with your visitors. You can conduct the event in your chat room, if you have. Otherwise, you can organize it in a public chat room.

6) Marketing online as well as offline
Yeah! This is a modern era, we accept that the text links and Banner ads are significant but offline marketing works too. Some examples of off marketing are Radio ads, ads in trade journals and so. These are equivalently important to generate the people's interest in your website.

7) Give away free items
Buy things such as stress balls or pens with your site name & URL on them and provide them away to your clients. Possibly, you could provide them something if they fill out an advertising survey. Or you could make a wallpaper related to your subject matter and provide it away to first time visitors.

8) Copy Winners
If there are websites in your arena that already have the largest market share, visit them to check what they do that is different from your website. If it's at all feasible, copy what they do to enhance the same value on your website.

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