How to get traffic on your Site from Facebook?

Date: 30-Nov-2012
Posted By: Umesh Gupta

Facebook is one of the most popular social networking sites to hit a super-huge size. Before the outset of Facebook, there many other social networks have gained popularity at some point of time but none could reach the benchmark of Facebook. In advance of communicating with your friends, Facebook can be used as a tool of marketing for business. To obtain new customers or to get traffic to your website, one can use Facebook to market the products or services.

How to get traffic on your Site from Facebook?

Same as Twitter, Facebook is just one of the different ways to gain some traffic to your website. With the view to surpass the traffic your websites from Google, you should take help of Facebook, Twitter and the other major social networking sites. Even many published articles say “Taking the help of Twitter, Facebook or any other similar site will do traffic miracles to your website. If it is used properly and with social marketing strategy then it works like a charm, otherwise it doesn't work at all. The same goes for Twitter. You can't experience in advance if Facebook or Twitter will boom your server with traffic. Make use of both and see which one (if any) works for your website.
Unlike Twitter, Facebook is easy to operate and provides more possibilities. Yes, you might want more time in order to look into all the outlooks and take benefit of them but fortunately these endeavors will have an outstanding return in terms of traffic. Here are some secrets that will assist you curve Facebook into a traffic giant:

1. Your business profile is your major weapon
Your profile plays an important role to attract the traffic to your site from Facebook and any other social media. Provide detailed background information about you and remember to make your profile public because this way even people, who don't know you, when they read your profile, they might become involved in you and become a friend of yours.

2. Incorporate information about your website on your wall
Facebook Marketing Services provides you the option to add a lot about you and your efforts, as well as to incorporate pictures, so use all these options to build the image of your enterprise. Posting videos and fill in the other tabs are the better way to publicize and if you have anything meaningful to put there, just do it.

3. Build your network
The target of increasing traffic to your website depends upon the network you have on the social networking sites. That is why you need to invite your friends, acquaintances, and partners and ask them to join as your supporter. You should also search for people with interests similar to yours. However, don't be pushy and don't spam because this is not the way to convince people to join your network.

4. Post frequently
No matter how attracting the subject in your Facebook profile is, if you don't put out new content frequently, the traffic to your Facebook profile will shift down.

5. Be active
The success on the Facebook relies upon a great profile, an impressive network and posting regularly. You should always be active – visit the profiles of your friends, take part in their topics and other initiatives, visit their sites.

6. Arrange your page
As compared to other social networks, Facebook provides you more flexibility and you can change around many of the boxes. If you make use of RSS feeds with the links to your blog in a visible space, this alone can produce lots of traffic for you.

7. Use Facebook Social Ads
Facebook social ads are the other way to get the traffic on your site. These ads are known as PPC and starting a campaign is same as an Adwords campaign.

Facebook is modifying time to time and no matter how hard you try to follow these changes, there will be new outlooks for you to look into. That is the reason it is not possible to pile up a complete list of all the plans you can use in order to gain traffic from Facebook to your website.

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