How to Design Attractive Web Pages for Artists & Photographers?

Date: 16-Oct-2013
Posted By: Dheeraj

Advertising your own artwork and professional photographs online is an ultimate way to gain a competitive edge or to begin a profitable online business from the convenience of your home. In order to target your audience and your possible clients with your superior-quality art work, you will require to design beautiful web pages. When it comes to artists and photographers, there are several essential elements to designing an excellent website.

How to Design Attractive Web Pages for Artists & Photographers?

Mentioned below are some of the crucial elements that will help you create beautiful web pages for artists and photographers:

1. Draw a sketch for your website on a paper. Determine in advance what will be the purpose of having a website, whether it is just for promotion or it is for selling artwork. If you want an e-commerce website, decide do you need to sell only stock images or real pieces of photography as artwork. Apart from this, decide whether you need to provide your photography services for hire? An artist or photographer will also require a name for his site, a web address and a crisp, touchy tag line to give a brief statement about your skills and photography. The web address should be as simple as feasible so it is easy to recall.
2. Book your web address with a trusted registrar. There are plenty of domain name consultants that are engaged in providing web domain services at a highly competitive price. Your domain name is your web address, or the URL where the website can be reached. You can purchase a domain name from India Internet, just click @
3. Hire a reliable web hosting service. There are several web hosting companies that will live your site over the web on their servers for a yearly fee. A website owner has a number of services to pick from, however since you are establishing a photography e-commerce website, you will need to hire a corporate service. Most corporate services are available with tools to design and establish your site along with free marketing assistance and techniques to market about your business.
4. Create the landing page of your photography site. To be a successful website, it is essential to create a creative-looking landing page of your artwork. You will need to professionally exhibit some of the great images on this page. Leave some space for news & events and latest updates for your images. Mention an in-detail summary of the main targets of your business and what you need to do with your photography.
5. Make an "About Me" sort of header. This will include all your past information about your experience, skills, and knowledge and education references. Make sure you can draw attention of people into the vision you have for your life and company and the services you need to provide.
6. Build a portfolio web page and a space devoted to your images. The portfolio includes some of the well-known artwork you've done for your esteemed clients, or that you've made individually, that exhibit your excellent artwork. The service category will finish up being several pages, and you will require to create your images by subjects, style or quality if you are marketing them as art or pain photographs. It's ideal to conduct by subject so that if people are seeking for a particular kind of image (wildlife, as an example), they will be able to search what they are seeking in the wildlife photography section. Here are some of fashion photography website designed by us: ,

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