How Much It Would Cost Me to Build An eLearning Portal Development

Date: 01-Oct-2021
Posted By: Meenakshi

E-learning is a concept that has been in vogue for a very long time now. Although, the practice has attained a new dimension with the outbreak of the global pandemic! With the outbreak of COVID-19 schools, colleges and universities have been shut down for an indefinite span of period.

How Much It Would Cost Me to Build An eLearning Portal Development

Education cannot come to standstill, which is why the emergence of e-learning websites and portals has seen a big-time surge. However developing these e-learning websites, portals and apps happen to be a time taking and expensive task. Ascertaining the eLearning development cost is more than imperative for the authorities who require this portal.

Balance quality and cost

This is one of the aspects that come into play whenever a new thing is to be created. The case of an e-learning website or app happens to be no different. Here again, the basic quality or the features of the app must be balanced against the cost of developing and then maintaining it in the long run. 

In this context, the management planning to develop the app or the website for their students must underline the exact deliverables they are expecting from the website. When this is determined the cost of the website can also be fixed and planned as per schedule. 

In most cases, a balanced approach will be, to begin with, a rough sketch or the basics of the requirement which is imperative for the website to begin. Later on, as days go by changes and further developments can be made for better results. 

What are the deliverables from a learning portal?

Before you determine the Cost of Developing An eLearning Website in India you need to ascertain the kind of deliverables you expect out of your website or portal. An e-learning portal or website is the main place through which the online course is delivered to students of the course of the institute. Hence the proper working of the website is seriously important. 

In most cases, the success of the course and the enrolled students depends on the optimal functionality of the e-learning portal. The following are some of the important sections that must be included in your portal of e-learning.

  • Notice board for important notices
  • Classrooms for virtual meetings
  • Fee payment segment – with full details of the paid fees and the remaining amounts for the year.
  • A segment informing about the teachers teaching different subjects.
  • A chat segment where the parents and the teachers and discuss issues
  • A segment that will provide the individual results

Apart from the above-mentioned sections, several other features can be included in the website, depending on the type of interaction the school wishes to have between them and their students. 

It is based on these features and facilities that the overall design of the e-learning portal or website gets determined. The cost of the e-learning app will depend on the overall design and the functional features of the website.

Entrust the job to professional experts

Professional website developers are the people who can give you a good idea of the Web Development cost. These are the professional experts who are in the task of developing websites for different organizations. 

Developing a portal, website, or app for e-learning happens to be much different from developing an app for shopping or something else. Different attributes must be incorporated and other features must be given where every student will have a different login id. This is where a huge database needs to be managed, which can add to the cost of the website. 

However, these experts are people who can easily balance the aspects of quality, optimal functionality, and cost-effectiveness within the same website design. Hence whenever you are looking to make an economic learning portal you need to consult these professionals at the very onset of the project without any delay. Discuss the details of the project ad your requirement with them so that they are aware of your budget restraint from the very onset of the project.

Continued assistance

Deciding on the cost of the project of developing an e-learning portal happens to be a tough and tricky task. This is all the more so since developing such types of portals is never a one-time job. Often even after the website or the app has been designed and implemented, it needs further improvement and improvisation. 

All this also incurs a good amount of cost on the e-learning portal. Albeit, this cost will not fall within the domain of creation of the website but its maintenance. This is one of the aspects that must be taken into consideration at the time of discussing the cost of the website.

Underlying costs

We as laymen understand that templates designs, images, sound effects happen to be some of the major elements that can affect the cost to build the perfect e-learning website portal. However, it can be said that these are not the only aspects or attributes that can determine the eLearning website price in Delhi. 

Several other aspects too must be taken into account, although they happen to have a rather subtle existence. Aspects like the ERP integration, the domain name and the database required for the website are the other attributes that can affect the overall price of a website. 

In this context, it can be said that all these elements happen to be rather important for the website or the learning portal. They happen to determine the effectiveness of the portal, how informative it is, and easy the website is to navigate. 

The domain name can keep the website away from legal hassles. Hence the cost factor of the website gets genuinely affected by all these underlying aspects. Yet they cannot be neglected or overlooked in any way whatsoever. 

Grow gradually

One piece of advice on which this discussion can be brought to an end is that if you are keen on developing an e-learning portal or eLearning app, it is important that you develop the portal or app on a gradual basis. Begin with a modest origin and you can make extensions and can add new features as time proceeds.

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