How Can SEO Help Your Brand Amid The COVID-19 Pandemic?

Date: 04-Jun-2020

The COVID-19 Pandemic has turned human lives upside down. The world economy is in danger; businesses are losing on projects, people are losing their jobs - it is all a complete mess!

How Can SEO Help Your Brand Amid The COVID-19 Pandemic?

The COVID-19 Pandemic has turned human lives upside down. The world economy is in danger; businesses are losing on projects, people are losing their jobs - it is all a complete mess!
This situation has made many businesses explore new marketing alternatives - ones which cost less and generate more revenue.
Search Engine Optimization or SEO is one of such most sought online marketing tools. Even though it is time taking, it is an organic method of showing up in the search results when a user searches for related keywords online.
In this article, we will discuss ten ways in which SEO can be a real help amid such uncertainties!
Here’s everything that we are going to cover -

  • Soft Selling
  • Branding Tool
  • No Geographical Boundaries
  • Brand Recalling
  • Outrank Competitors
  • Long Term Marketing
  • Show Expertise
  • Attract Local Customers

Let’s dive in!

Soft Selling
Every marketer makes their customers believe that they care, understand, and value them. Pandemics like such are the times when you show your customers how valuable they are for you. Remember that your customers are the ones who put reviews about you online, receive newsletters, and bring in more customers through word-of-mouth referrals. Now ask yourself, is this the right time to forcibly nudge them into buying your products? Certainly not! Times like these ask for you to be a caring and understanding friend. Instead of approaching them with a hard-selling technique, you can use SEO to softly contact them, showing the human side of your brand. Instead of bombarding their social media with ads, use organic methods like SEO to reach out to them with content marketing and SEO.

Branding Tool
SEO is a tried and tested branding tool. In a world where everyone is internet savvy, customers often regard a brand to be reputed by judging where they rank in the search results. As the COVID-19 Pandemic goes on to reinforce self-quarantine and social distancing, many people have more time to stay cooped up at their houses and search for relevant information related to the Pandemic.
Even if your customers are unable to buy you offerings as they worry about the economic uncertainties, jobs, mortgage, and health, this does not mean that they are not active on the internet.
With the help of proper SEO, you can tweak your content information in a way that it relates to COVID-19. Create information that somehow relates your brand with the Pandemic, and achieve a strong branding position!

No Geographical Boundaries
As the Pandemic has normalized the idea of “working from home” for several businesses worldwide, you can use SEO tactics as a lifeline to reach out to your clients. Your digital presence is more imperative than ever!
Get your prospective clients attention by putting your energy into SEO strategies. Because people have more time to read and reply to emails, explore new services, now is the time to communicate with them effectively.
SEO gives you a chance to stay relevant during such uncertainties. Even if they don’t make any purchases, by employing SEO, they will surely know about your existence.

Brand Recalling
Through SEO, your website will be able to rank higher in the search engines. Do you know that about 91% of the worldwide customers conduct an online search before making a buying decision?
The search engines have seen a trend shift in the past few months. Keywords that are related to the Pandemic, healthcare, economy, food supplies, medications have gone up! So if your business can assist in any of the sectors mentioned above, with SEO, you get to be on top of the mind for many customers.

Outrank Competitors
For years, businesses are trying their best to compete with their search competitors. By investing huge bucks, reassessing their marketing strategies, many companies have been attempting every SEO trick in the book to rank up in the results, but eventually have failed. Well, now is the time to strike back! As SEO for many companies has taken a back foot because of not demand for their products, now is the time for you to outrank them. Be it a pandemic or not, you must know that Google algorithms never stop working. Many people are still searching extensively, and Google is still ranking.
If you have had struggles with SEO rankings in the past, now is the time to accelerate your efforts.

Long Term Marketing
Remember that the Pandemic will surely be eradicated someday. If you want to keep your business afloat, you need to think ahead and plan out for the post-COVID-19 period. As many have predicted, the post-COVID economy will be stuck in recession with several cuts here and there. Therefore, it only makes sense to invest in a long term marketing strategy like Search Engine Optimization or SEO. What you sow in today will reap much later in the future.

Show Expertise
So what if your customers are not purchasing from you right now? This does not mean that they will not make purchases from you someday. Because of the lockdown period, many people are catching up on their online research and reading to explore new alternatives. Having an expert content in your niche area will be an opportunity for you to grab the attention of your audience.
Yes, there are a lot of people who are actively searching for information on Pandemic, but some are still looking for niche-specific content pieces. By diversifying your content pieces to go beyond articles - interactive presentations, infographics, videos, images, podcasts and more - you will be reinforcing your authority and expertise in your niche area.

Attract Local Customers
No matter the size of your business, your first customers are the ones who are living close to you. By investing in Local SEO, your website will begin to show up for the local, location-based search. It is not like people are never going to buy. Be it a recession; there will be at least some people who are willing to spend.
If you ignore SEO today, you will fail to find these people and lose on revenues; and considering the present situation, no business wants to suffer a revenue loss!

Final Words
This Pandemic is a tragedy for the human race. With so many having lost their lives, these are tragic times for everyone - human lives, jobs, relationships, businesses!
Such times call for humanity to come together as one. As the best SEO company in Delhi, India Internets is committed to doing everything possible for businesses to sustain themselves. With our revised SEO strategies and new-breed SEO solutions, we are holding the barns for many brands. If you’re looking for professional SEO services in Delhi - we would be happy to help you with your project. Contact us today!

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