Career Profile - Web Developer

Date: 21-Jul-2012
Posted By: Anand

A Web Developer is a type of programmer or a Software Engineer specifically engaged in developing applications for the world wide web. The applications run on the WWW mostly utilize a client (web browser) and a server.

Career Profile - Web Developer

Following are the programming languages that a professional web developer must know:

  • On the customer side, the famous technologies are DOM, javascript, CSS and HTML.
  • Some advanced languages on the server side are C , Java, C# and .net. There are some scripting languages like PHP and PERL that a web developer should know.
  • To gather data from visitors, the effective relational database applications used by a professional web developer include Oracle, MYSQL and Microsoft SQL Sever.

Education Required to be a Web Developer
To become a professional web developer, you must obtain a formal training and education. A BSCS degree is best advised for this position. Moreover, training in particular languages can do well.

Becoming a Web Developer
One of the most regarded paths to be a Web Developer is formal education (a BSCS or MSCS). Apart from this, software engineers who do not have any web development experience may begin by making small pieces or components of web applications under the supervision of experienced developers.
Doing contracts and Internships are also an absolute way to get started in a Web Developer job. The more hands on training, the more you will explore the techniques or languages!

Scope of Web Developers
A web developer can select feasible career paths as per his/her choice.

  • One option would go on within a Development function, which would continue very hands on coding
  • The other path is to change into a Software Architecture function, which is of less development and more difficult type of superior-level design.

Each option may finally lead to Product Management roles, relying upon the single interests and the enterprise.
The Web Developer job is often matched with the Web Designer job. However, these two jobs are very different!

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