About The Company

Established for over 24 years, Toshi Automation is an innovative company providing industrial automation solutions such as installation of reliable automatic hygiene systems, security gates, barriers, turnstiles, and car parking/traffic control equipment. This company has completed many huge installations including airports, hospitals, chemical plants, petroleum plants, power generation sites, car and lorry parks, theme parks, hotels, caravan parks, shopping centers, retail parks, manufacturing facilities, and office developments.


Toshi Automation approached India Internets with the aim of having an e-commerce website through which they can sell off their surplus products. Being an Industry giant, Toshi Automation had 100 B2B clients, and now they wanted to reach the B2C clients as well.

Even though the business was not recurring any losses, they were still not able to perform to their full potential. Following were a few minor issues that the company was facing owing to its tedious working model:

  • The resellers were not able to see and acknowledge the varied product range offered by the company.
  • For the pricing of the products, the resellers had to contact the company time and again resulting in disruption.
  • The history of the orders went unnoticed and the company was unable to give incentives to their top resellers which were unsettling.
  • Since the resellers had to call the company for pricing, again and again, there was a lack of pricing uniformity and authentication.

Despite the fact that their principal explanation behind having an e-commerce business site was to sell the surplus items, after entering into a deep discussion with the team at India Internets, they together decided to develop a fully-fledged e-commerce business site to display all the products the company deals in.

  • With the dedicated team of market analysts, web developers and designers, and testers, we created a vigorous methodology for creating an e-commerce website in an innovative and responsive style that precisely shows everything about Toshi Automation on the website in an informative and appealing way.
  • Firstly, we gathered the information and data from Toshi Automation, discussed their expectations, and studied the business environment in which they operate.
  • Next, we came up with various innovative designs of the website, created prototypes, and finally chose one design for the website after discussing them with the clients.
  • After finalizing the design of the website, our dedicated team of web developers made the graphical element of the website functional.
  • Next, our Web Testers reviewed all the elements of the website, made sure that the website works properly on all devices, and tested it against the requirements of the client.

When the website was finally approved by Toshi Automation, it was moved to its permanent web server.

  • With India Internets' robust strategies, and on-time delivery of the project, Toshi Automation gained a lot of positive results with the e-commerce website:
  • The website featured a separate section for the resellers where they could see the uniform pricing of all the products resulting in hassle-free business dealing.
  • All of the varied products it offers are displayed on the website, therefore the resellers and other concerned parties could now browse through all their offerings.
  • The company was now able to keep an organized and clear track record of all its resellers with the help of the website.
  • The company began to offer incentives and discounts to its top resellers on the basis of their past history of business dealings.
  • The website could be easily used as a reference for future business projects
  • Toshi Automation is now able to provide abundant company information, clients' testimonials, and information about the current, and future projects that helps them establish trust in their prospect clients.
  • The website can help increase the brand awareness that can result in more new clients
  • Because of their website, they were able to gain new customers with Search Engine Visibility.
  • With the successful launch of the e-commerce website, Toshi Automation now sold products directly to the B2C clients.
  • Because of the e-commerce website, they are getting orders all the time i.e. 24x7x365 unlike before.

With the innovative ideas of Toshi Automation and robust solutions of India Internets, we together designed and developed a responsive and user-friendly e-commerce website that went on to attract B2B and B2Corporate, as well as B2B clients. This website went on to become one of the first few websites in all of India that is catering to customers as well as resellers through one platform. It began to attract more and more clients and the numbers in the business doubled.