Case Study of PACS


About Project

India Internet was engaged to develop a web based Information Management System to enable the 90 CSO’s across India to fill a list of online questionnaires based on basic services (health, nutrition, and education) or livelihood options (Mahatma Gandhi National Rural Employment Guarantee Scheme, land rights and common property resources, and access to resources for livelihood diversification). The data was to be collected from individual household in villages through a survey conducted by these CSO's. The idea was to generate real time information to enable CSOs to improve their own performance.Manage Employee Management System

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It manages every details related to employee, from joining date to resignation, from leave to travel, from attendance to event everything. Now you need not to maintain a hard copy of employee’s attendance and leave list, the software will itself maintain everything, you just need to update and approve!

  • Fully detailed list of Employee.
  • Attendance management system lets employee mark their attendance and work location and it also lets senior authority to have detailed attendance list of every employee.
  • Leave management system which lets employees to apply for leave and senior authority to approve or disapprove it.
  • Travel management system lets employee to request for travel with reason and date.
  • Ease of access to leave, travel, event in calendar form.
Manage Business Flow Management System

Finalize TOR, select vendor, finalize contract, payment etc will take lots of time and waste lots of money if done physically and completely rely on hard documentation. What if everything becomes as far as one click? We can save effortless time and money along with robust business!

  • Employee can upload TOR, senior authority will approve it as they will automatically get notified.
  • Admin can assign key deliverables along with deadline to achieve it.
  • Set process for approved TOR.
  • Payment system will update payment according to accepted installments by vendor.
  • Finalize e-contract.
  • Send and receive invoice and admin can approve or disapprove it.
  • You can get every detail in printed format also.
  • Every authority will get informed automatically on every step of business flow.
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