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Two Major Changes That a Facebook User Should Know

Date: 19-Jul-2012

In the few last years, it has been noticed that the social media sites are widely preferred by the businesses for the marketing purposes. Keeping this in mind, many social media sites have changed their function and structure so as to meet these requirements. On these websites, every day there is something exciting, new and happening. Currently, a few changes along with advanced options were seen by Facebook Users, such as a cover page and timeline design were incorporated. We a best facebook marketing agency follow all the latest practices to ensure that your businesses benefit from it. Here's what you need to be familiar with about these features to implement its optimum, for your business.

1. The Profile image of any company exhibits its identity, which is remarkably smaller now. Earlier the profile image of 180X540 size was used to be display its identity, whereas now only 180X180 size image can be allowed for profile image. With the advanced layout of the Facebook page, now cover image has been center of attention.

2. The advanced layout of the Facebook page enables the cover image to place a large image on the profile page. With the help of this layout, you can place a bigger image that is far more attractive than the earlier layout of photo strip. The usage of cover page helps the businesses to create a more presentable and respectable profile, which grabs the attention of the visitors easily. One of the most attractive features of the cover image is customization, which assists the businesses in creating professional presentation for branding.

However, there are several important things that you should keep in mind before you place and advertise your cover image on Facebook. Once you decide to place the cover image across the top of your profile page, you are advised to use a larger size image, minimal 810X315. Try to avoid using smaller image as it would not be stretched suitably and may affect a professional presentation. Being a top  facebook marketing agency in Delhi we have created best ads which boost the ROI of your business.

There are some subject matter and content which cannot be exhibited on cover image such as prices, promotional sale offers, sell offers, contact information and promotional content leading to actions, many others. In addition to this, any remarks to user interface elements, “Share” or “Like” or attributes of Facebook are also unspeakable.

Apart from the above changes, there are several other features that have been incorporated in applications, structure and functioning of Facebook. As top facebook advertising agency we ensure all the recent changes for a better campaign performance. We will discuss about all those changes in our future posts.

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