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10 Tips for Quick Website Maintenance

Date: 09-Jun-2012

India Internet, a trustworthy web designing & development company, provides a wide assortment of affordable web design services to small & medium enterprises. Owing to our rich experience and detailed knowledge, we have been able to serve the requirements of our respected customers. Here are the tips that help you to know the secrets of quick website maintenance.

1. Store all your pictures of the site in a sub folder. If your file is xyz.com/index.html, then your pictures for that should be in xyz.com/images/

2. Maintain a template for designing new pages. Make a new page that has all your website design tools such as your header and menu, but lacks content. Later, when you design a new page, begin by saving that template.

3. It is advised to use some type of CMS for quickly updated pages/sections. For instance, if you have a news page, develop some blog software to make updating it much easier.

4. Fixed the pages up that may require a lot of content/pictures added in the future so that they can expand vertically. In some cases, it has been noticed that the design is made where the page cannot expand vertically. Rather, the design requires to be made where more material later won't interrupt it.

5. While informing about periods of time, incorporate absolute terms. For instance, rather than of writing I wrote an article 1 month ago, you should say I wrote it in May, 2012. With the help of this, you don't need to go back later and make changes in the number of months. Additionally, prevent words such as "yesterday", "recently" and "soon."

6. Whenever you update a new page, make a support copy every time you're getting ready to modify it.

7. Maintain a list (whether it's published on your site or not) of the specific pages you've updated, when you updated them and what you changed.

8. In case, you have a page with images, be certain you save any new images the same height and/or width as the others. Which one of these appears great will depend upon the layout to layout.

9. If your site has a striking image on your first page, change it out every once in awhile. Be certain that the updated one is close to the same size, though.

10. Don't incorporated a lot of different sizes and colors in your fonts. And try to avoid tons of bold and italicized words as well as sentences. That takes away greatly from the professionalism of your website.

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